April is right around the corner and we’re preparing for the busy season at Downtown Joe’s. Napa restaurants will soon be flooded with tourists, events will be happening back to back, all while the flowers are bloomin’ and the beers are brewin’. The live music Napa season continues and we’re excited to jump right in.

Check out some fun things to do in April:

Auction Napa Valley. This is a major event in wine country and it bring thousands of people into the valley. For anyone visiting during this time, make reservations at Napa restaurants as they start to fill up fast. Call us or email us for reservations – we offer a large dining space for group events too!. Auction Napa Valley brings renowned vintners front and center, incredible parties and dinners, and of course the main auction event where you’ll see some serious mad cash thrown around – best of all, the event has donated over $185 million to local non-profits. After the daily events of Auction Napa Valley, head to Napa restaurants Downtown Joe’s for live music Napa style, the best burger in Napa, and keep the excitement going.

Arts in April. Napa in April means celebrating the arts. Venues throughout the valley will host events, art exhibitions, and live music Napa. See the full schedule here. Top off your artistic experience by trying our Napa craft beer at one of the area’s favorite Napa restaurants – Downtown Joe’s! We host live music Napa events too so stick around for some musical art!

Think that’s it for events in Napa? Think again! BottleRock is in May and we’ll dive into that event in our next few posts. There’s so much do and see, so make sure to start planning because Napa is about to get very busy! Napa restaurants will appreciate your reservations so don’t hesitate to call us – come get a great beer and the best burger in Napa. Stop by for live music Napa events and make April another rad month.

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