Napa, California-based family restaurant Downtown Joe’s Brewery & Restaurant has just recently announced that they’re launching their new menu for 2017. Included within the restaurant’s most recent menu for the summer season are popular lunch features such as their blackened bison burger as well as delicious dinner options such as their bacon-wrapped filet mignon. The menu is designed to cater to all taste profiles and offers a reminder of the restaurant’s position at the forefront of the local marketplace.

With the summer season about to begin, many local Napa families are seeking out restaurants that can provide them with the ideal setting for family meals. It’s important the restaurant offers both waterside viewing opportunities as well as a convenient location for all family members to visit. And that’s why so many are now considering downtown Napa’s Downtown Joe’s Brewery & Restaurant for their upcoming events. Now, the restaurant is inviting patrons to review their newly updated menu for summer 2017.

Included within the Downtown Joe’s Brewery and Restaurant menu are all the features any diner would want from a local restaurant. There are sumptuous dishes such as the blackened cod fish tacos, and the grilled pesto salmon, as well as alternatives for vegetarians such as the rosemary polenta. And throughout the summer season, the team at Downtown Joe’s Brewery & Restaurant will be hosting live music and sports events directly within their restaurant space. It’s the ideal time to book a table at one of Napa’s leading family-friendly restaurants.

Downtown Joe’s Brewery & Restaurant is now offering an unforgettable experience for all local patrons. To learn more on the restaurant, book a table, or discover their new menu, contact the team now at 707-258-2337 or visit their business website at

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