Breathtaking Outdoor Dining Options in Napa

Napa, CA-based restaurant Downtown Joe’s has beautiful riverside dining and open air patios.  Guests can enjoy waterside dining experiences on Downtown Joe’s river view terrace in the heart of downtown. The river view terrace is the perfect spot for warm weather meet ups with family and friends and each seat offers a spectacular view across the Napa River.

It’s almost time for the pleasant summer weather to arrive in Napa. With spring in the air, restaurants across the city are opening their outdoor spaces to allow guests to take in the spectacular landscapes as they enjoy their favorite meals. Downtown Joe’s is a market leader within the Napa restaurant industry and they’re inviting clients to book their upcoming meals in their immaculate outdoor dining spaces.

The river view room at Downtown Joe’s is situated atop the restaurant’s brew house and provides a fascinating viewpoint across the city and its waterways. It’s the ideal setting for memorable gatherings with family and friends this summer season. As the restaurant gears up for summer, they’ve also recently announced their “Get ‘Em into Joe’s” radio campaign, which will entice visitors with interesting offers and highlight the restaurant’s latest culinary creations across the local Napa radio stations.

A feast for the eyes and the taste pallet awaits. To book a table within Downtown Joe’s’ comfortable outdoor dining space, call the Napa restaurant directly at 707-258-2337 or visit their business website at to learn more.

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