Labor Day weekend in the Napa Valley is sure to be a fantastic time. There will be plenty going on in the Valley, with Downtown Joe’s as one of the best Napa restaurants and Napa sports bar.

Walking around downtown Napa is a great time with the many wine tasting rooms the area has to offer. The Riverwalk that follows the meandering Napa River is also a nice way to pass the time, with birds flying overhead giving the whole area near the river a calm and serene vibe. Downtown Joe’s is not only a Napa sports bar but is also a peaceful place to sit outside and watch the river go by as we have a beautiful outdoor patio area. Be sure to bring your sunglasses and your little furry friend too!

Skyline Park in southeastern Napa is only a few miles from downtown and is another great walk to take the kids on. There are many fun hiking trails with fantastic views of the Valley. Make sure to come back to a favorite among downtown Napa restaurants for a burger at the end of the trek!

But there’s more nearby. Don’t forget that there are a ton of excellent wineries within a short driving distance of downtown Napa. Andretti, Bouchaine and Etude are all wonderful wineries to visit and are within about 15 minutes of our great Napa sports bar. The Ox Bow Public Market is also a great place to stroll around near downtown Napa. There are many fun little shops and wine tasting rooms in the area making it a lovely place to enjoy an afternoon.

Celebrating the end of summer in downtown Napa will be fantastic time and we would love to have our family friendly restaurant in Napa and Napa sports bar to be a cornerstone of your trip. Keep exploring the beautiful Valley but come back for a good burger and to watch the game at Downtown Joe’s!

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