Plenty of articles you can find on and offline suggest the perfect wine and food pairings. But did you know that choosing the right beer to pair with your meal is just as important? It is, and it can add just the right flavor and texture to elevate your indoor or outdoor dining experience to new heights.

As one of the most popular Napa beer establishments, Downtown Joe’s is known for producing some of the region’s finest craft beers with unique flavors that go great with whatever you choose from our down-to-earth yet innovative menu. From pale ales to ambers, stouts, and IPAs, here are a few suggestions for selecting the right beer the next time you dine with us.

Which Downtown Joe’s Napa Beer to Pair With Your Meal

There’s nothing much more relaxing than enjoying the outdoor dining at Downtown Joe’s. While we offer a fantastic selection of the Napa region’s finest wines, today we’re focused on our meticulously crafted beers. Let’s dive in!

Ordering the Fish Tacos?

Pair them with Downtown Joe’s refreshing Classic Hefeweizen, whose crisp and citrusy notes perfectly complement fish’s delicate flavors. As a bonus, the beer’s effervescence cuts through any accompanying sauces’ richness.

Craving Our BBQ Ribs?

Try pairing the smoky and savory dish with our Amber Ale. The medium-bodied beer features just a light hop bitterness which balances the seasoned meat and enhances its rich BBC flavor.

In the Mood for Some Spicy Buffalo Wings?

You’ll want to pair our Hoppy Pale Ale with your wings. It’s a great contrast to their heat and helps cleanse the palate, providing a refreshing counterpoint that prepares you for each mouthwatering bite.

Did You Leave Room for One of Our Famous Chocolate Brownies?

Pair it with a Downtown Joe’s stout. The beer’s roasted velvety mouthfeel and malt flavor with hints of chocolate supply a satisfying finish to any meal.

It’s Mussels Season!

Nothing goes better with a heaping plate of steamed mussels like a Belgian Tripel beer. The ale’s fruity and spicy esters are a perfect complement to the shellfish, while its effervescence cleanses the palate between bites.

Other great pairings to try include:

  • Our IPA with a gourmet burger.
  • A pale lager with our classic Margherita pizza.
  • A light and fruity wheat beer with a summer salad.

Ready for an enjoyable outdoor dining experience featuring craft beers from Downtown Joe’s brewmasters? We accept online reservations 24 hours in advance and phone-in bookings up to four hours before seating time. Of course, we’re always happy to see walk-ins, and the wait is never long!

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