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Lazy Summer American Wheat This light, easy drinking Ale is about 1/2 wheat and fermented dry. It’s style is an American Wheat Beer. It is very refreshing and is our best selling beer in the summer. It uses Marris Otter malted barley from England as well as English grown Red Wheat. It is hopped with Horizon and US Spalt hops giving it a floral aroma.
Tail Waggin’ Amber Ale Our most popular Ale was named for ladies that love to drink this beer and dance to the live music here. It is slightly sweet with a floral hop aroma. After 10 years this beer is still a favorite among the ladies and their admirers.
Lou Paine Pale Ale This bold American Pale Ale represents a reformulation of our Ace High Pale Ale; Incorporating the brewery’s 24 years of experience. It offers a strong hop aroma, generous hop flavor and medium hop bitterness. It is named after famed Napanee, Lou Paine.
Tantric India Pale Ale This hoppy IPA is uniquely Californian; high in alcohol and except for the American hop aroma, is very British in style. This style was originally developed to survive the voyage from England around the Cape of Good Hope and back North to India to keep the British troops happy.
Golden Thistle Very Bitter Ale This very hoppy beer was brewed accidentally, but of the accidents we have made, this one is our favorite! It is named to reflect the intense hoppyness that is like chewing on a thistle. This beer is the Happy Hour favorite to this day.
Overdue Porter Roasty and Chocolaty, made with all British malts and hops.
Old Magnolia Oatmeal Stout This high gravity slightly sweet stout was named after the Grateful Dead song by the same name. The “chocolate milk of beers”, it makes a nice “Stout Float”.
Catherine, The Great Imperial Stout Imperial Stouts were brewed to ship to the Russian Royalty. Like the style, ours is high in alcohol and very hoppy with a nice roasty flavor.
Worthy’s Leprechaun Stout Pat helped build our brewhouse before his untimely death. the stout is a classic dry Irish Stout, nitrogen pushed to give a creamy head.
Double Secret Probation IPADouble Indemnity IPA ΔΤΧ-Your own Double Secret Probation! Not for the feint of heart! Lots of hop flavor and a light hop aroma. 6% alcohol and 100 IBU’s!
James Brown Ale A traditional southern Brown Ale, it’s dry and roasty; reminiscent of the brown ales from Northern England. It uses all British Ingredients.
Harvest Ale Fresh local harvested wet hops generously added to a Pale Ale, available once a season and in high demand, get it while it lasts for an extra hoppy treat!
Oberon Altbier Bell’s Brewery lets us use this name once a year to celebrate our 100+ year old Oberon building we are located in, but make no mistake this light refreshing beer is all ours.
Dancing Feet Red Wheat Amber and malty. Great refreshing beer for a long summer’s night of dancing in the heat.
What She’s Having PilsnerI’ll Be Bock “I’ll have what she’s having!”- Our Czech Pilsner. One of the few lagers we make, we don’t have it on draft right now but, “I’ll Be Bock”!
Raspberry Blonde AlePast Due Dark A light refreshing blonde ale with a hint of raspberry. Very Hoppy Dark Ale. about 5.5% alcohol
DIX Extra Special Bitter (ESB)Smooth Operator Malt Liquor This souped-up Golden Thistle recipe is made in memory of our friend and brewer Rik Graham. Malty and high in alcohol. This beer is one to be careful with.
Temptation Dark AleSlip Knot Imperial Stout The lightest black beer we can make. Joe’s favorite. A traditional British Imperial Stout about 6% alcohol.
Victory Dark AleMaggie May Bock A classic west coast dark Ale. A Maibock; light in color, malty about 6% alcohol. Named after Bobby’s Weiner.
Ruddy Mutton Irish RedHigh Five Celebration Ale Roasty and deep copper in color. This is our Maltiest beer, traditionally served on St. Patrick’s Day. Brewed every 500 batches, each recipe is different and made to the brewers whim.
Sunset Red LagerLickity Split Red in color, light and refreshing in flavor. Goes down in a jiffy.
Tripple Dog Dare you! Need we say more? We tripple dog dare you!

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The "LOCALS" Weekday Specials

Mondays: Meatloaf mashers stout gravy & steamed veg $10

Tuesdays: Fish Tacos; veg $10

Wednesdays: 1/2 Caesar salad w/ blackened Salmon $10

Prime Thursdays: Prime Rib French Dip $10 and Rib Eye Steak $18.99

Fridays: Fish & chips 30+% off the menu price $10

Live Music

Live Bands are playing 3 nights a week - Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Sunday is Funday with our DJ Aurelio and Tuesdays and Wednesdays are Karaoke nights.
Check out our calendar who is playing when. Come early and have a Beer and get a good seat!