Well, we made it! It looks like Napa Valley is back in business and just in time for summer. After the rollercoaster ride that was the last year and a half, Napa Valley residents can reward themselves with a return to normalcy and enjoy the fresh air, great food, and fine drinks at your favorite downtown Napa restaurants everywhere. Here are some of the things you can look forward to that we’re sure you probably missed a lot.


You can now sample some of Napa Valley’s finest vintages at local wineries across the city, with the return of indoor and outdoor tastings. Keep in mind that many will require a reservation to prevent overcrowding, so plan ahead and book your spot.

Downtown Napa Restaurants

Your favorite restaurants are once again opening up their dining rooms, including ours! We’ll provide limited indoor seating as well as plenty of outdoor dining on our patio. Of course, take  out options are available, but we encourage you to stop in and have a look at our new dining area and bar. We’ve made some changes you’re sure to love and we follow all safety protocols required.


Are you more of a beer person? There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a cold one on a hot Napa summer day with friends. Local breweries are back in business and like wineries, will likely require a reservation to accommodate your group. If you’re close by, be sure to stop into Downtown Joe’s and try some of our award-winning microbrews. We get our beer delivered straight from some of Napa’s best breweries, so you can pair your great meal with a refreshing craft beer.

Live Music Events

You can now jam to your favorite local and indie bands because live music is back! We’ll be featuring live music events at our restaurants over the summer and can’t wait for you to join in the fun. Be sure to check our website for more details on which bands will be performing.

We’re looking forward to making this summer the best one we’ve ever had and can’t wait to share some amazing experiences with you!

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