Downtown Joe’s is up and running! That’s right, one of your favorite Napa restaurants and outdoor dining spaces is adapting and business is booming. We opened up on May 20th with new social distancing guidelines and sanitation protocols so we can continue providing a great dine-in experience for our community. That doesn’t mean that we’re not stopping our take-out orders though! Our delicious meals will continue flowing out the kitchen door and keep spirits high during this interesting time in history for Napa restaurants.

But we have even bigger news!

Outdoor dining in Napa is going to change because we are getting a rooftop dining area along with a huge remodel! We have been a staple amongst Napa restaurants and we wanted to make renovations to our fabulous home to bring back some of the old flare from yesteryear. Our nearly 100-year-old building has served us well, but after 26 years it’s time for a face lift. The outdoor dining space on the ground floor will be getting a big remodel as well as the interior. Few Napa restaurants will have architecture akin to Downtown Joe’s after all is said and done.  We are looking to revitalize our historic building by looking to the buildings’ past pre-Downtown Joe’s and highlighting the architecture that made it unique in the first place. The green awnings will come down and the interior will be gutted and the kitchen moved to the north side of the space along with a bar to be constructed outdoors. Playing to the riverside location will be a central theme of the remodel as patrons in the upstairs outdoor dining space will be privy to the beautiful riverfront view that will stand out from other Napa restaurants. The new indoor design will also look to allow passers-by to see all the way through the building to the river and the fun being had outdoors.

But will Downtown Joe’s close for the remodel? Heck no! We are going to do our best to remain open during the changes so that your favorite local watering hole keeps the drinks coming and the fantastic grub flying. We remained open during our earthquake retrofit ten years ago and will continue the tradition of modifying our practices to keep things moving strong. The local community has kept us going during these crazy times and we couldn’t be more grateful, so we plan to keep on cooking and thrive in the bright future ahead!

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