June 26, 2017 – Napa, CA-based Downtown Joe’s Restaurant and Brewery is now celebrating the Oberon Building and highlighting the building’s historic role at the heart of downtown Napa. The building has been open now for over 100 years and has continually served the same purpose – to provide Napa residents and visitors a comfortable place in which to enjoy food and drinks among family and friends. Now, the team at Napa outdoor dining venue Downtown Joe’s Restaurant & Brewery is highlighting the venue they’ve operated since 1994.

A Great Dining Experience

Having that one idyllic spot within the downtown area brings a community together. When a building remains at the same location for decades, and a century or more, it creates a sense of togetherness and common purpose within the local region. It’s this sense of belonging that thousands across Napa now have when they visit the Oberon Building owned by the team at Downtown Joe’s Restaurant and Brewery.

The History

Since 1994 the Downtown Joe’s Brewery & Restaurant staff have been utilizing the Oberon Building as they serve local patrons delicious menu items throughout the day. Downtown Joe’s has survived the bleak business climate of the 90s that consumed many Napa organizations, by catering to beer drinkers and music lovers from across the area. Then, during the early 2000s, flooding consumed much of the local winery areas and local vintners were directed to Napa to build their businesses.

Downtown Joe’s Brewery & Restaurant and the Oberon Building is now thriving, as new hotels move into the downtown area and wine lovers descend on the city for their favorite varietals. “The building has a soul,” says Joe Peatman, owner of Downtown Joe’s Brewery and Restaurant. And the city has been brought back to life and is bustling with activity and new possibilities.

About Downtown Joe’s Brewery & Restaurant

To learn more on Downtown Joe’s Brewery & Restaurant and the Napa venue’s outdoor dining options, contact their team today. Call their restaurant at 707-258-2337 or visit their business website now via www.downtownjoes.com.


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