New Beer Release Coming Soon: Learn About the Brewery

The best brew pub in Napa just got better. Our brew masters are releasing a new Napa craft beer… The Chocolate Icarus. Its name is as epic as its taste. And we can’t wait for you to try it.

For years, Downtown Joe’s has stood out from wine country as Napa’s leading brew pub. How did this come about?

A Little History

Downtown Joe’s Micro Brew has a history dating far back. Brewing in Napa started mid to late 1800s and by 1895 there were just over 3 breweries with Napa City Brewing and The Brewer’s Collective being the biggest. We’ve estimated they were producing 100,000 bbl per year based on fire insurance records of the floor prints.

Prohibition however brought the end of Napa brewing. It wasn’t until the 1980s that another brewery was started. Napa Valley Brewing Company in 1987 opened its first brewery and in 1988, Willet’s Brewery opened, becoming Downtown Joe’s in 1993.


Our Brewery Now

With the most advance microbrew technology, we offer new flavors regularly with a local following. It’s the reason so many names us the best brew pub in Napa and the best source of authentic Napa craft beer.

Browse our large Napa craft beer selections including the “Lazy Summer Crystal Wheat”, a light and refreshing ale, best-selling too. The Raspberry Blonde is a favorite with clean light ale kissed with the aroma of raspberry. The new Chocolate Icarus will feature a flavorful punch of aromatic tastes.

Stop by  Downtown Joe’s, with the best brew pub in Napa and large collection of Napa craft beer. Bring a friend or two for drinks, laughs, and live music. And get ready for our new Napa craft beer new release!

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