By Stuart Schmidt

Big changes are in the works for the Napa restaurants in downtown! Right next to us here at Downtown Joe’s, the City of Napa is raising the road to be level with the current sidewalk making it easier to walk around the downtown Napa restaurants all congregated around us. The city is also making our intersection a pedestrian scramble. What’s a pedestrian scramble you ask? You’ve likely seen them already. It is a type of intersection that allows people to walk in any direction (even diagonally) while traffic is entirely stopped.

The Napa restaurants near us are also getting another eight feet of outdoor dining space making for a lovely area to find a great meal whether you are looking for the best burger in Napa or a steak to beat all other steaks. All the great eateries that surround us will be even more fun to hang out at and enjoy the weather! It will also make for great people watching and give our fun small town a great little bit of liveliness.

While all this sidewalk construction is happening, keep in mind that luckily, at Downtown Joe’s, our outdoor patio is in the back, facing the river – away from any construction. So if you’re looking for the best burger in Napa, stop by and enjoy your meal on our outdoor patio and back indoor dining room, both which have great views of the Napa River and Veterans Memorial Park next door.

Now that Spring is in full swing, the weather is starting to break into sunny blue skies and the Napa restaurants are ready for you to come visit. Wild mustard plants are still blooming in the vineyards and the wine is still a-flowing. But one cannot live on wine alone, so stop in for one of our delicious craft beers. Heck, pair it with the best burger in Napa for a delectable experience. We’re a casual, family-friendly restaurant but also have great live events coming up this month so make sure to come on in!

Thank you to all our loyal customers who continue to visit us even with the ongoing construction. We can’t wait to see you soon at Joe’s!

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