Our valley is abuzz with harvest activity and downtown Napa restaurants are welcoming hungry visitors with glorious outdoor dining and delightfully delicious cuisine. The grapes are coming in and it is more than a welcome sight to see. Harvesters have been busy during the nighttime harvests getting the first grapes of the season off the vine. In case you didn’t know, vineyards harvest at night to keep workers safe from the heat of the day and keep sugar levels in the grapes consistent-an important part of making high-quality wine. Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, and Chardonnay have already started coming in for some wineries and the juice is flowing at the crush pads. Social distancing is taken very seriously in our local wine industry (not to mention our outdoor dining establishments) so employees in the wineries are masked up and kept six feet apart.

New Parklets Downtown

Interestingly enough, many downtown Napa restaurants have been allowed to move their dining onto the sidewalks and into the streets! It makes for a fun vibe to have the roads blocked off for diners to enjoy the little “parklets” many establishments have set up. What many don’t know is that Napa Valley is completely open for business despite what’s going on in the world. Restaurants, hotels and wineries have changed their operating procedures to make for a comfortable and safe vacation. Wine tastings are done outside and all wear masks while socially distancing so the wine scene keeps on turning.

What We Have To Offer

Few downtown Napa restaurants have the same river view, patio, and outdoor dining that we do here at Downtown Joe’s, making us a great first stop on your trip to our lovely valley. Despite the smoke, the fires, COVID-19, and an overall wild year Napa Valley keeps on moving while creating some of the best cuisine and wine in this country. “Indomitably fun” is the way to describe our valley and we hope to see you soon for the best outdoor dining in the North Bay. You can trust that downtown Napa restaurants will continue to push through these interesting times and keep dishing up the best of the best for our beloved locals and visitors alike!

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