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Labor Day Weekend This Year in Napa Valley!

One of the most popular Napa Valley events is back! BottleRock Napa Valley is happening over the Labor Day weekend (September 3-5), and music, food, wine, and brew lovers everywhere couldn’t be more excited. If you’re one of the lucky ones holding a ticket for what...

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What’s Coming Up This Year in Napa Valley?

Napa Valley is bouncing back and doing it with those amazing events we’ve all missed so dearly! This year, you’ll have the chance to enjoy memorable moments with friends and family at a wide range of Napa events, and enjoy some great food at your favorite Napa...

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Downtown Napa this Summer

Well, we made it! It looks like Napa Valley is back in business and just in time for summer. After the rollercoaster ride that was the last year and a half, Napa Valley residents can reward themselves with a return to normalcy and enjoy the fresh air, great food, and...

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A Day in Downtown Napa

If you ask a resident of Napa Valley what they love about their hometown, you’d better plan to be there a while. This region in northern California is well known for its stunning views and award-winning wineries. Napa is also known for its charming downtown district,...

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Holiday Season in Napa Valley this Year

Although this year has not been without its challenges, we’re still thrilled to celebrate the holidays, albeit a little differently than we are accustomed to. These downtown Napa restaurants will host some amazing events throughout December and right at the peak...

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Celebrating Thanksgiving with Family at a Distance

Thanksgiving 2020 may be different with regards to how we spend time with family, but what won’t change is the number of delicious meals coming from Downtown Joe’s and the other fantastic downtown Napa restaurants! We have some quick suggestions on how to enjoy Turkey...

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Visiting Napa Valley this Fall 2020

Napa Valley is GORGEOUS in the fall and there’s still so much to do before winter starts to roll in! The weather couldn’t feel nicer and Napa restaurants like us are going to be taking full advantage by offering fantastic outdoor dining. Limited indoor dining is...

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Halloween This Season in Napa Valley 2020

Halloween in Napa Valley is going to be a little different this year but the good times will keep on rolling with socially distanced Napa events and, of course, great outdoor dining! Downtown Joe’s has one of the best seated outdoor dining experiences with fantastic...

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What is going on in Napa Valley right now

Our valley is abuzz with harvest activity and downtown Napa restaurants are welcoming hungry visitors with glorious outdoor dining and delightfully delicious cuisine. The grapes are coming in and it is more than a welcome sight to see. Harvesters have been busy during...

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Planning for Labor Day This Year in Napa

If you’re looking for a place to relax during Labor Day Napa Valley is the place to be! Napa restaurants are open for business and aim to please with great outdoor dining and lovely weather. The start of Fall is upon us and the late summer sun will be shining so it’s...

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Downtown Napa Summer 2020

Napa Valley is back open for business! Napa County has allowed outdoor dining to be had in our fair valley and Downtown Joe’s, one of the best restaurants in Napa CA is allowed to continue sit down service. We will be taking any and all necessary precautions to...

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Latest Happenings At Downtown Joe’s

Downtown Joe’s is up and running! That’s right, one of your favorite Napa restaurants and outdoor dining spaces is adapting and business is booming. We opened up on May 20th with new social distancing guidelines and sanitation protocols so we can continue providing a...

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Mother’s Day Ideas with Downtown Joe’s

This Mother’s Day weekend is a little different than all the other ones so it makes all sense to make it special with a fantastic meal! Napa events may not be happening as much right now, but that doesn’t mean Napa restaurants aren’t dishing up some great meals. And...

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April Specials at Downtown Joe’s

Here at Downtown Joe’s-one of the stand outs among Napa restaurants-we have tons of fantastic specials through the month of April. We may be sheltering in place, but we haven’t stopped doing to-go orders! That’s right, you can still get our fantastic pub fare for a...

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Downtown Joe’s March events

Downtown Joe’s - your first stop for Napa beer and Napa events - is jam packed with activities this March! We are happy to announce that we will be celebrating the Emerald Isle and its culture in just a week during a three-day long event that has different activities...

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St. Patrick’s Fun in Napa

Spring is here! And that means the beautiful yellow mustard wildflowers are starting to carpet the upper valley and one of our favorite holidays is about to arrive - St. Patrick’s Day! We are one of the few Downtown Napa restaurants to have a big celebration and we’d...

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Downtown Joe’s February Events

Downtown Joe’s - a cornerstone of our lovely town brewery scene - has some great Napa events during the rest of February. Outdoor dining is also going to be fantastic this month on our patio overlooking the Napa River as we start to head into the springtime. We have...

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Valentine’s Day in Napa Valley

One of Napa’s favorite holidays is here – Valentine’s Day. What could be more romantic than sweeping vineyards views, flowing wine, and sunny days with your partner? In this valley, Napa restaurants, wineries, and hotels celebrate Valentine’s Day by hosting a variety...

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What To Look Forward To This Year In Napa

Photo courtesy of www.visitnapavalley.com Napa events are coming soon and it’s time to start celebrating! This year our valley has great events that are not to be missed. And Downtown Joe’s-your favorite Napa brewery-is here to be your anchor. Many of these great...

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January Events at Downtown Joe’s

We’ve got a ton of live music in Napa coming up for the month of January at Downtown Joe’s! There may be a ton of Napa restaurants, but few others have a packed schedule of events like we do. On Sundays and Thursdays we have some great times ahead with DJ Aurelio...

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